Credit cards can be great tools for managing your money. But they can also bring on nightmares and serious financial problems. In this article we will leave you 6 tips to be able to choose the best credit card for you.


Why do you need a credit card?

Why do you need a credit card?

Before looking for a credit card you need to know the reasons that lead you to want to have one. We are not richer simply because we have several cards and credit lines available. What are your needs? How will you use the card? Will the card not lead to financial turmoil? You should answer these and many other questions before you go on to the next steps.


Do not go in the offers tale …

Do not go in the offers tale ...

Ever wondered what leads some financial institutions to offer mobile phones or other benefits to hire a particular credit card? Credit cards have value in their own right, due to their features and facilities they bring together. The credit card amount is not on the mobile phone that they offer us.


Search and pay attention to …

Search and pay attention to ...

The offer of credit cards is vast. There are cards for different purposes and for people with different profiles. So, do not assume that all cards are the same as should not assume that banks have all the same offer. Search and see different alternatives.


Look at all costs

Look at all costs

The cost of a credit card is not just the interest rate (in fact, it is most likely part of the group of people who pay the card at 100% and do not pay interest). There are several costs that can be applied, namely commission of survey in Portugal or abroad, annuities and others.


Be aware of less visible benefits

Be aware of less visible benefits

There are some benefits associated with regular use of a credit card. In this field, we talk about insurance, discount plans, travel miles, among others. Keep in mind, however, that these benefits are good but are a plus. They are not the main factor of analysis. We can call them “cherry on the cake”.


And the sixth tip is …

And the sixth tip is ...

Why not open your bank account in a bank that does not charge you commissions and thus take advantage to save on the whole line? We suggest that you get to know our analysis of the best bank for your current account and start saving money today, because it is not worth paying commissions for everything and for nothing!

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