Know About Dominoes

This game history is unique and though the exact dates on when it all began are not very clear. It seemed to be a very popular game played by the royals, presidents and also the commoners. This games has been played for ages all across the globe. Like any other gambling game, it drew people to playing it for entertainment and commoners to make a quick buck. It is an addictive exciting game which many love to play even today. It’s a hugely popular with all kinds of people who can now play this game online too. Play your favourite game online on dominoqq.

How it came into being

Many people have contemplated that this game must have begun in China somewhere during the 12th century. But other are still figuring it to be Egypt or Asia and still way back from what it was stated earlier.  Finally, we can all presume that different cultures may come up with the idea at different points of time and played dominos in their region without knowing that in another part of the world a similar game was being played. The west had the taste of dominos only in the 18th century and gradually there was spread of dominos has made its way Europe and other parts of the world.

This game was being now regularly played in the inns and taverns of the towns which were popularised by French the prisoners who bought this game with them. The word domino has several connotations and the one that really takes to it, means lord or master. It has been observed that there is an uncanny resemblance of the spotted dice and the dominoes. And it is often said that the dice of today is derived from the dominoes. Dominoes are really great to play online on dominoqq.

It has to be noted that the game is now widely played in south American countries as well as Caribbean wherein some of them have held it up as the national game.