Who does not want quick, easy money and preferably paying little interest? Personal Credit can fit into all of these options and since taking responsibility and financial planning can be one of the best ways to realize a dream, acquire a good, or even solve that situation of financial tightening because of unplanned expenses or emergencies that occur in our lives.


Ease of Hiring

Ease of Hiring

Personal Credit is one of the lines that has a very simplified contracting in the credit market, depending on the credit line, many institutions release the value even without consulting SPC and Serasa, as long as their documentation and profile fit into the operation of the institution.

A good business relationship with banks also allows them to be released based on their history of use and financial capacity, pre-approved lines of credit, where the Bank already anticipates the release of a limit for you to use at the moment you think is more feasible , the contracting of this line can usually be done through the ATM, central telephone service of the institution and also through the internet.

Credit card and financial operators also usually provide credit card customers with personal credit limits, sometimes including the option to withdraw the value directly from an ATM, this mode can be very useful in times of emergency, it is only important to pay attention to the interest rates that are normally very high in these operations with these institutions.


Interest Rates

There are different types of personal payday loans in the market, which basically differ in the value of the credit, the guarantee offered in the operation and also in the term that the credit will be paid in installments.

The better your credit analysis and the better the guarantee offered for lower transaction will be the interest rate, if we compare for example a personal payday loan pre-approved by the bank without the need for collateral, the fees will normally be higher than a credit for example, that uses your payroll as a guarantee of certain payment to the financial institution.

Another important point to take into consideration in addition to interest rates are the fees, charges and interest involved in the operation, the values ​​of surveys, contract drafting and insurance vary greatly in value between one institution and another, so it is very important Always compare loan options before closing the hiring.




Many institutions today offer credit lines where it is possible to contract the loan completely online, which greatly facilitates the process. It is important to be taken into account, however, that some basic documents will always be necessary, such as proof of income, proof of address, documentation and personal registration, with the sending of digitized documentation for analysis.



In digital and offline means it is important to always be very careful before closing a loan operation, many scammers pose as representatives of financial institutions, aiming to capture your personal data and in some cases apply scams, conditioning your loan payment of prepaid fees and deposits. Therefore, evaluate the financial institution well before closing its operation.

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